Dollar Saving Ski Holiday Ideas Plus Unusual Snow Sports To Try This Winter.

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2nd July 2009, 11:46am - Views: 559

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Thursday 2 July 2009: Think beyond skiing and snowboarding this winter, there are some

unusual snow sports gaining popularity in Australia and they’re not just for daredevils, although

some will get the adrenaline flowing and the blood pumping!  The latest edition of Way2go

travel magazine gives an insight into some new snow-based activities. 

Snowmobiling: Drive yourself or be driven on these vehicles that are snow cousins of jet skis,


low motorbikes on skis. Perfect for adrenaline junkies and those with a desire for

motorised speed in the snow! Tours run out of Falls Creek in Victoria.

Snowshoeing:  Large flat shoes that look like mesh surfboards will have you ‘gliding’ over the

snow. Have a go at Mt Buller or Falls Creek in Victoria or Thredbo in NSW. 

Snow and Ice Climbing:  When waterfalls freeze they turn into sheer walls of ice, this activity

will have your arms and legs shaking from the effort. Guided snow climbs between Thredbo and

Signature Peak are popular, the climbs include everything you need. 

Ice Skating; A graceful sport usually on an ice rink in Australia, try skating under the stars in

Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, NSW this winter.

Most Australian resorts also offer; tobogganing, snow tubing, Nordic and cross country skiing and even

“snow grooming” tours.  

Stretching the dollar further in the snow:

As any keen skier or snowboarder knows, snow holidays aren’t always cheap, but they are great fun.

There are practical ways to save on white winter holidays both in Australia and overseas. Here are

Way2go’s snow saver tips:

Visit mid-week - Arrive on a Sunday and leave Thursday accommodation is cheaper and the

ski lift queues much shorter. 

Bring food with you

Squeeze in as much food and drink as you can, particularly good if

you’re driving to the snow, load up the car. Take daily snacks with you in a backpack. 

Sleep and eat off the mountain- You will get much better value.

Transit the Tasman – The Australian dollar goes further in New Zealand ski fields.

International ski holidays - Book now and try the smaller, less famous resorts.

Borrow as much ski gear as you can Hiring ski gear can add quite a bit to the price of your

holiday. If you ski regularly, buy your gear during pre and post season sales.

Go off peak -

Better value deals for skiing Australia are in September. Overseas prices are

lowest before Christmas and early January as well as March/April. 

Book early, this is a good one to remember for next season!

Launched by NRMA Publishing, Way2go travel magazine is on sale nationally at all newsagents

and Coles supermarkets. Way2go also has an informative and interactive website at

Media Enquiries: Lisa Kable 0439 133 113


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