Summer Sea Ice Good News For Hudson Bay Polar Bears

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19th August 2009, 04:27am - Views: 867

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Summer Sea Ice Good News for Hudson Bay Polar Bears

CHURCHILL, Manitoba, Canada, Aug. 18 /CNW-AsiaNet/ --

     Scientists have confirmed what a Tundra Buggy(R) business in Churchill is

witnessing: that due to colder-than-usual subarctic weather this year, healthier

polar bears are being spotted along the west Hudson Bay coast.

     "We are going to have a great opportunity this autumn to fulfill our

Tundra Buggy Adventure guests' expectations of snow, ice and healthy polar

bears," says John Gunter, General Manager of Frontiers North Adventures in

Churchill. "The last couple weeks, as polar bears have been making their way

from ice to land for the summer, we've seen from our Tundra Buggies numerous

big, healthy polar bears in Manitoba Conservation's Churchill Wildlife

Management Area, east of Churchill."

     "This year there is more ice on average," explains Dr. David Barber, a

Canada Research Chair in Arctic System Science and the director of the Centre

for Earth Observation Science at the University of Manitoba. "Hudson Bay in

particular has seen a very cold winter and essentially a late spring."

     "What we're seeing this year is an aberration compared to the long-term

trend," stresses Polar Bears International President, Robert Buchanan, who has

been working with polar bears for nearly 20 years, "but essentially the late

break-up of ice this year on Hudson Bay means the polar bears, which rely on

sea ice to live, have been given more time during spring and summer to hunt

and eat seals, and this has allowed them to gain important weight to live off

of until freeze-up.

     "Frontiers North Adventures is known as an international leader in

Canada's sustainable tourism industry, providing amazing wildlife viewing

programs in Canada's north. The company generates polar bear-habitat

conservation awareness through partnerships with organizations including Polar

Bears International (PBI), a non-profit dedicated to conservation of polar

bears. Groundbreaking initiatives from this partnership include PBI Leadership

Camp and PBI Tundra Connections that feature polar bear species experts.

     Frontiers North recently earned the opportunity to continue for another

five years to exclusively host guests at Cape Churchill in Wapusk National

Park. The operator has been honoured with Travel Manitoba's Sustainable

Tourism and Ecotourism Awards and is recognized by the Tourism Industry

Association of Canada as one of the top three sustainable tourism operators in

Canada. In 2007, Nunavut Tourism presented the company with an Award of

Excellence for outstanding investment in tourism and sustainable development


     SOURCE: Frontiers North Adventures


     CONTACT: For comment, information or photos of the polar bears 

please contact: Jaime Dzikowski, 

                Marketing Manager, 

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                Frontiers North Adventures, Winnipeg, 

                Manitoba, Canada, 

                Phone: (204) 949-2050, 



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