Uatp Continues Expansion With Merchant Shenzhen Airlines

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17th December 2008, 01:44am - Views: 643

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UATP Continues Expansion with Merchant Shenzhen Airlines

WASHINGTON, Dec. 16  /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    UATP continues its expansion in China, adding Shenzhen Airlines as a Merchant

to the UATP Network.  To meet customer demand and increase the airlines' revenue,

Shenzhen chose UATP as a form of payment.


    "Business travel within China continues to grow despite the state of the

economy," says Mr. Li Kun, President of Shenzhen Airlines.  "Meeting customer

demand for UATP acceptance convinced us to become a UATP merchant.  This is in

line with our strategic goals of growing Shenzhen’s corporate market share and of

good value through UATP’s unique and low-cost network and global presence."  

    Privately-owned Shenzhen Airlines operates with the mission of becoming one

of the worlds most welcome and valuable airlines with a pioneering vision to

present Shenzhen’s targets and responsibilities to the public, and to advance

China’s aviation industry.  Shenzhen’s strategic growth plans include growing its

corporate market share; in the credibility and cooperation principle, UATP will

enhance Shenzhen’s strategic plan through helping the airline lower distribution

costs with low merchant service fees and by providing high-quality reporting,

mainly to business travelers. UATP also provides a global network available for

all corporate travelers.

    "UATP was the first charge card that was available for domestic purchases

within China," said President and CEO Ralph Kaiser, UATP.  "UATP is continuing

its expansion within China by adding new merchants to the network and being able

to offer corporations their preferred form of payment.  Shenzhen Airlines has

been extremely successful to date as a UATP Merchant and continues to grow its

corporate market share." 

    Shenzhen continues to be one of the most successful carriers in China, with

fourteen consecutive profitable years and generating profits, up 76.8% over the

previous year. Innovation originating in study, Shenzhen Airlines is one of the

most honored airlines, including being awarded 2008 China’s 500 Most Valuable

Brands Award, and ranked in the top three in the China aviation industry.  

    UATP is the low cost payment network privately owned by the world's airlines.

For more information, visit or

    About UATP 

    UATP accounts are accepted as a form of payment for corporate business travel

by airlines and travel agencies worldwide. UATP accounts are issued by: Aer

Lingus, Air New Zealand, American Airlines (NYSE: AMR), Austrian Airlines,

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL), Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), Japan Airlines

(Nasdaq OTC: JALSY), Northwest Airlines (NYSE: NWA), Qantas Airways, Ltd., United

Airlines (Nasdaq: UAUA), and US Airways (NYSE: LCC). AirPlus International issues

the UATP-based Company Account for: British Airways 

(NYSE: BAIRY.PK), Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL), and Lufthansa German



    UATP Corporate Communications

    Wendy Ward,

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    +1 202 626 4077


    CONTACT: Wendy Ward, of UATP Corporate Communications



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