Aussie Finance Industry To Have Access To Philanthropic Advisor Tracy Gary

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5th October 2010, 11:33am - Views: 966

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5 October 2010

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US Philanthropic advisor, author and donor activist Tracy Gary is returning to Australia for a

national tour which includes specialised workshops just for the professional and

philanthropic advisory community. 

Tracy Gary’s experience with wealth advisors in the philanthropic space is unparalleled having worked with

over 2000 wealth advisors, 7000 wealth holders globally and trained advisors at several leading banks and

trust companies including UBS Global and Bank of America.   

Tracy has co-founded 18 non-profits and served on over 30 boards and is now arguably a leading authority

on social justice and the integration of financial, philanthropic and legacy planning all making her an

incredible asset for the Australian professional advisory community. 

Tracy’s last visit to Australia in 2000 saw her work one-on-one with the Myer, Reichstein and Fouress

Foundations, this time the Australian Women Donors Network is bringing Tracy back for a broader audience

to have access to one of the best philanthropic advisors in the world. 

“Having worked with so many advisors in the professional sector I understand what they need to really

advise clients well on long-term strategic philanthropy and legacy planning,” says Tracy Gary, Philanthropic

advisor and donor activist. 

“There are some great developments in the philanthropic space of late particularly in the area of women’s

philanthropy that are likely applicable to Australia.  Women are becoming an impressive force in the

philanthropic space with an increasing number getting involved intricately in the decisions that are made

about where their investment of time, talent and financial resource should go and why,” says Gary.

“One of the big things set to happen over the next few decades is the intergenerational transfer of wealth. 

This is going to be significant in many countries but particularly in Australia where there is fast becoming

an ageing population, given women live an average 5.2 years longer than men, a large percentage of this

wealth will end up in the hands of women” says Gary.

Women are often now the key decision maker of the finances of the family home and the rise of women’s

education and income in the 21st century is unquestionable with the percentage of women in the US

workforce almost doubling in the second half of last century from 32% to 62%.  The median income for

women has also increased over 60% over the past 30 years and university and college attendance growing

steadily from 42% in 1970 to 56% in 2000.* 

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The tailor-made workshops on the Inspired Living and Giving tour will provide hands-on, practical

information on areas such as:

US trends in women’s philanthropy; 

Engaging with clients through authentic inquiry about values-based planning and giving

Creating inspired philanthropic and legacy plans not just prudent plans; 

Impact investing; 

The intergenerational wealth transfer and the need for financial and estate planning

“For those professional advisors wanting to learn more about how to engage with their clients more

through giving and creating long-term and impactful giving plans this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Advisors familiar with Tracy’s work have already snapped up the first tickets to the events with only a small

number of places in the three workshops remaining.  ,” says Julia Keady, CEO, Women Donors Network



One advisor familiar with Tracy’s work is Kristi Mansfield from the Greenstone Group who believes anyone

involved in the advising space regardless of the level should make the time to attend. 

“Tracy’s depth of experience is unparalleled in the world. Her important insights of the journey a client

takes from charitable giving to strategic philanthropy are hugely beneficial to advisors and their clients

because it provides a pathway and/or direction for effective philanthropy and family and advisory planning

partnerships”, says Kristi Mansfield, Social Investment Advisor, Greenstone Group.

“Learning from her experience and putting her wisdom into practice will ultimately improve the service

advisors provide to individuals, families and to the philanthropic sector,” says Mansfield.

The workshops will run in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and tickets are just $180+GST.

From Trusted Advisor to Inspiring Wealth Coach


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26th October  


For more information please visit: 

*Source: Indiana University: The Centre on Philanthropy. 



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Naomi Francis

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