Dr Snell Gives New Hope To Would-be Mothers Over 40

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16th February 2009, 03:42pm - Views: 2045

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News release

from Dr Kenneth Snell of the Acupuncture IVF & Fertility Clinic in Sydney


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  New hope for would-be mothers over 40

Women who put off having children in their younger years then seem unable to

fall pregnant in their 40s are finding new hope with Australian fertility specialist Dr

Kenneth Snell. 

One such woman is Linda P, aged 44, of Sydney, a patient of his who has

become pregnant after being told by three in vitro fertility doctors that she is too


Dr Snell, a fertility specialist practising at his Acupuncture IVF and Fertility Clinic

in Sydney, has recorded much better results than most in vitro fertilisation (IVF)

specialists around the world - even with patients aged over 40.

He says he believes his treatment rejuvenates the aging eggs of women over 40.

Dr Snell says, “In these times of economic uncertainty when people work longer

hours for less pay, lose their jobs, study for years, go into debt and pay more for

housing and almost everything else, many women and their partners cannot

afford to get married, buy a home and raise a family.

“Sadly, many young couples, even though both of them are working, just cannot

afford children.”

He says, “Many find, through no fault of their own, that they are well into their 30s

before they can afford to have their own home and family.

“Some wives then find that they cannot seem to fall pregnant,” he says. “Some

reach their 40s with their hopes dashed of ever raising a family.

“I offer them new hope, with results to prove it.”

In the 2007-2008 financial year, 24 female patients completed his study program

and 21 of them became pregnant and gave live birth.

Of the 21 patients who became pregnant and gave birth, 81 per cent became

pregnant from natural conceptions, without IVF intervention, and 19 per cent from

conceptions using IVF.

Of the same 21 patients, 9 per cent were younger than 30 years, 48 per cent

were from 30 to 34 years old, 24 per cent were from 35 to 40, and 19 per cent

were 40 or older. 

Dr Snell says he has helped achieve an 87 per cent success rate for live births

with his treatment program compared with typical rates of less than about 40 per

cent for most IVF programs.


He tells how several patients aged in their 40s, their real names and locations

withheld for privacy, had almost given up hope of becoming pregnant and giving

birth until they came to him for treatment.

One is Linda P, aged 44, of Sydney. Three fertility specialists in Sydney had

refused to let her into their IVF programs.

“She visited one of these leading specialists three times only to be told bluntly

that her eggs were too old and that she had no chance of falling pregnant with

her own eggs,” he says.


“She approached me feeling deflated and depressed in December, 2008, asking

if there was anything I could do to reduce the age of her eggs. 

“Within four weeks of receiving my unique fertility acupuncture treatment and my

special fertility herbal medicine, Linda was positively pregnant.


“She could not believe it when I felt her pulse and said, ‘You are pregnant. You

had better confirm this with a pregnancy test.’ ”

Linda’s pregnancy was confirmed, firstly by Chinese pulse diagnosis then by a

hormone test.

Dr Snell then promptly prepared and applied further acupuncture and Chinese

herbal medicine to increase her hormone levels. She is visiting him three times a

week for acupuncture and is taking his medicine to prevent any miscarriage due

to her age.

“She is now in her ninth week and all her hormones are at their correct levels and

the seventh week scan was good,” he says.


Dr Snell says his treatment principle has been to increase progesterone

production in the body, reduce the age of the eggs, affect the uterine lining and

hold the embryo.

Another of his patients is Hilary U, aged 41, of Sydney. Hilary failed to become

pregnant although she tried for more than a year. During that time she


Then she tried IVF and acupuncture with herbal medicine for three months with

other doctors before she approached Dr Snell.

He treated her with his acupuncture and Chinese medicine until she eventually

fell pregnant naturally. This pregnancy resulted in her giving birth.

Julie K, aged 43, of Sydney, had failed to become pregnant after completing IVF

16 times with other doctors. 

Dr Snell says, “With each IVF attempt, her egg quality became worse due to

overly strong IVF drugs with their side effects, and her advanced age.”

Then Dr Snell began treating her with acupuncture and herbal medicine and she

became pregnant on the seventeenth IVF treatment.

“On the seventeenth IVF attempt, the IVF scientist was so very surprised at the

positive difference in egg quality and follicle size that he called the patient to tell

her,” says Dr Snell.

Andrea L, aged 40, of Sydney, had failed to become pregnant after she and her

husband had been trying for 18 months.

In that time, she also tried intrauterine insemination (IUI) twice but


Yet after being treated by Dr Snell, she finally fell pregnant and is now 20 weeks


Paula C, aged 39, of Sydney, first presented to Dr Snell with endometriosis,

cysts, bleeding while ovulating, and a heavy, yellow vaginal discharge.

After taking Dr Snell's acupuncture and Chinese medicine for 12 weeks, her

health improved and she fell pregnant. 

She has already given birth to her baby girl.

Dr Snell says, "Women are leaving pregnancy to very late in life due to study,

work and other commitments.

“Unfortunately leaving pregnancy late reduces the chances of conceiving, as the

reproductive and hormonal systems do not function as well in women over 40.

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“Women of this age are discouraged from entering IVF programs as the statistics

do not offer hope for them in an IVF program,” he says. 

He says his fertility treatments yield a much higher success rate than those of

other doctors because his acupuncture treatment is vastly different from other

acupuncturists and his herbal medicine is more potent.

Dr Snell is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He is a member of the

Fertility Society of Australia, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and

the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.

He says, “I achieve outstanding results when my patients use the two treatments

together, natural Chinese medicine and acupuncture, with or without IVF. Most

women who have been through multiple IVF procedures usually fall pregnant

naturally after being on my program for approximately five months.

“Patients using only IVF drugs are much less successful than those using the two

treatments together,” he says.

“I have proven with my studies which I have conducted with the cooperation of

patients at my clinic over recent years, that these natural medicines are not only

safe but facilitate a much higher success rate for in vitro fertilisation.” 

Results of Dr Snell's studies were published in several online medical and health

publications in 2008.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a medical process in which a woman's egg cells are

fertilised by sperm outside of her womb. This process involves hormonally

controlling ovulation, removing eggs from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm

fertilise them in a fluid. A fertilised egg is then transferred to the uterus in an

attempt to achieve pregnancy.

With intrauterine insemination (IUI), fresh or frozen and thawed sperm is

artificially placed in a woman’s uterus.

Patients mentioned in the case studies above are real although their names and

locations have been changed to protect their privacy.


Photo caption: Dr Kenneth Snell holds a baby conceived with the help of his

acupuncture and herbal fertility treatment.

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