Energy Australia In The Dark Ages On Treatment Of Women

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12th November 2009, 07:03pm - Views: 663

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Authorised by Ben Kruse, General Secretary, United Services Union, Sydney



    12 November 2009

Energy Australia In the Dark Ages on Treatment of Women

Energy Australia management remains in the dark ages in its treatment of women in the

workplace, according to the United Services Union (USU).

USU Manager Energy Scott McNamara today said in his view male employees were

consistently receiving preferential treatment at Energy Australia, despite a large portion of

the company’s workforce being female.

“While the NSW Government is preparing to sell off its state-owned energy retailers, it is

concerning that work practices at Energy Australia remain stuck in the dark ages.

“A pattern of behaviour has emerged from Energy Australia management where male

employees are given opportunities that are denied to female staff.

“Most recently, examples have occurred where arrangements have been made to

accommodate male staff who have lost their driver’s licences.

“A female staff member caught in the same situation, however, was forced to take leave,

and not given any opportunity to continue working in a different capacity.

“Unfortunately, this example reflects a number of other situations where female employees

of Energy Australia have been treated as second-class employees.

“Discriminating or the perception of discrimination against women in the workplace is

completely unacceptable, and it’s time for Energy Australia to address the cultural issues

that allow discrimination to continue in its workplace.”

Mr McNamara said the issue would be an embarrassment for the State Government as it

moved forward with its privatisation plans.

“Privatising the State’s energy assets will place thousands of jobs at risk.

“The treatment of women at Energy Australia is another sign that the State Government

has lost its way on energy.”

Media Contact:

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Claire Johnston, 0434 489 533

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