The Right Hair For The Right Job

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From international celebrity hairstylist

wendy iles 


Attention: Editor

Magazine article by Wendy Iles

29th April, 2009    


The right hair for the right job

Australian born and bred Wendy Iles is one of the most sought after international hairstylists working

today. She is in demand all over the world, where she styles hair for ad campaigns for such couture

houses as Dior, Cacharel, Hermes, and major hair brands like L’Oreal, Wella, Schwarzkopft etc.

Additionally she has contributed to editorial spreads for fashion magazines including Vogue, Bazaar, Elle,

Glamour and many others. Wendy has styled hair for top celebrities and stylemakers including Penelope

Cruz, Chloe Sevigny, Marion Cotillard, Dita Von Tesse, and others. She also recently published her first

book, a collection of fine art photographs dedicated to the details of her styles and of her successful

career, ARCHIVE: A Book About Hair (Printkultur April 2008).

Please visit for a preview of the book. Wendy is currently

based in Paris and New York. 

Images to illustrate the following article are available to journalists on request from Wendy Iles. Any

journalist may contact Wendy direct to arrange an interview with her for further information. See contact

details at end of this article.

With the current economic decline, thousands of women are looking for work or looking to re-enter the

workforce. Below are some helpful tips from Wendy Iles to help candidates look their best for any



Have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately? Never forget your image as first impression is a critical

factor when it comes to employers’ hiring decisions. You can have an incredibly impressive resume, but if

you look like a mess or are wearing an inappropriate look for an interview, you may lose the job that

should rightfully be yours.

In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s important to look your best when you are interviewed for a

position, and that includes your hair. Hair is one of the best weapons we have in presenting our best

selves. The right haircut, hairstyle and hair color can provide us with more confidence and the right allure

to land that new job. Here are some things to consider when going for the right “interview look”:


When trying to determine a proper hairstyle, consider what type job you are going after...

corporate, commercial, artistic, etc. Find the look that feels right for you and corresponds to the job you

are searching for. Go for a more conservative look if you’re applying for a position at a law firm versus

more daring looks for work at a music label.

Have your hair looking fresh and clean, don't hide under your hair. If you have bangs be sure they have

been trimmed to a fresh length to show eye contact. Nothing is more distractive than someone who keeps

touching their hair, so wear a comfortable style to avoid this.

Whether you prefer your hair short, long, tied back or attached hair (extensions), it’s important that you

find the right style for your face shape to set off your facial features to their best advantage.

In order to select the best style, get started by figuring out your face shape. Tie your hair back, look

into the mirror and trace the outline of your face with a lipstick on the mirror, stand back and there you

have it, the outline of your face shape. This is a guideline to help choose what cuts and styles are best

suited to your personal facial frame. Some hairdressers don't have the knowledge to follow these

guidelines, so you can be a step ahead of your stylist if you already know what works best for you by

following this simple exercise.

Here are a variety of shapes to choose from with the best corresponding cuts to consider (plus some well

known celebrities with these face types):


Most hairstyles work for you. Your face shape is well balanced and an even proportion. You can wear

short medium or long hair. You will look best by wearing hair off your face. Most oval shapes support the

slick back hairdos perfectly.  Celebrities with oval faces include Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Uma

Thurman, Julia Roberts and Elle Macpherson.


Rectangular or Oblong

Layers work well with this type of face as they add softness to the structured lines. Try side parts, the

longer the face the more off center the parting should be. Avoid hair with too much length as this will

make the face appear even longer. Shorter and medium length cuts will add volume to the sides and a

soft wispy bang will help shorten the appearance of the length of the face. Celebrities with

rectangular/oblong faces includ Stephanie Seymour, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Janet Jackson.


If you have straight hair you may wish to consider a soft body wave to achieve a  balance to the straight

features of your face or ask for soft razored graduation around the faceline that will frame your face or

feather the ends of hair to avoid hard heavy ends or in the case of a Demi Moore, her center part and

long straight hair gives length to the otherwise square shape. Celebrities with square faces include

Kirsten Scott Thomas and Sandra Bullock, as well as Demi Moore.


Center parts or just off-center are good possibilities for this facial type, along with hairstyles that are

longer than chin length. Avoid chin length cuts and bowl shaped hairdos. The widest part of your face

runs from ear to ear so stay away from too much volume in these areas. Celebrities with round faces

include Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, and Renee Zellweger.


The chin length bob is the winner for this facial type, as it adds the width needed in the chin area Avoid

too much height at crown which will only make the chin more pointed and small. Celebrities with heart-

shaped faces include Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Juliette Binoche.


The reverse of heart. The wedge cut is perfect as it adds width to the temple and eye areas. Celebrities

with a triangular face include Kathy Ireland.


Close to oval with a touch of heart. This shape is well balanced and will allow you to experiment with a

variety of styles. Celebrities with diamond-shaped faces include Sophia Lauren.

Considering also your body shape when choosing your next hairstyle or cut.

Thin tall women …. can just about wear any style, just avoid the big volume look as all that hair will look

People Women Wendy Iles 3 image

top heavy on a slim figure.

Full figures .... Avoid wide styles or too much side volume. Layers work well with graduation around

faceline to add length. Height on the crown works also giving length to your silhouette.

Short women ... long hair will shorten you even more, sleeker cuts and layers work better.


If in doubt …

Stay with a one length bob just clearing the shoulders. This is always elegant for any occasion and looks

marvelous tied back in a low pony tail or swept easily up in a French twist or chignon. Thin hair looks

thicker, curly hair is more manageable as the one length weighs the curl down to a more attractive wave,

and thick hair just looks glorious. Concentrate on condition, color reflect and shine and you are ready to

conquer all job offers.

It’s worth taking a little time to discover what's best for you. The right professional can also help but its

good to have some inside information of your own to support what they say. Pictures speak a thousand

words. If you think a certain style might work take a picture along with you. If your professional is talented

and experienced they will advise you correctly. Pay attention to how well they are listening to you, if they

seem preoccupied or absent don’t be afraid to cancel your visit and rebook with someone who

understands your hair requirements.

Finally, no matter what cut or style you choose, remember to keep hair looking healthy. 

Conditioning is essential for well groomed, shiny hair (brands I like include Loreal, Wella, Pantene, Clairol

and Tresemme). Also, hair coloring can cover a multitude of sins including camouflage dryness, add

shine, cover unwanted gray, and add youthfulness to skin tones. If your budget allows seek a

professional for this. If your budget is more in keeping with home hair color try Feria, Garnier Nutrisse and

Clairol “Natural Instincts” brands. 

# # # end

Media contacts: Wendy Iles, email ; or Wal Baker, email , phone

612 9416 7111, fax 44871 994 3402 .

Wendy Iles




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