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8th October 2010, 03:46pm - Views: 963

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Media Alert

Embargoed until Monday 11th October 2010

Women’s Health Policy Forum seeks commitments from

political parties

Media Opportunity

What: Press Conference with WHAV Convenor Dr Robyn Gregory; Parliamentary Secretary for

Health Janice Munt; Shadow Minister for Health David Davis; and Spokesperson for Health,

Community and Local Government Colleen Hartland.

Where: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, The Victoria room, Level 4 

210 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

When: 1pm Monday 11th October

The Women’s Health Association of Victoria (WHAV) will hear from the major Victorian

political parties on their plans to address crucial women’s health concerns at their policy

forum today.

WHAV Convenor, Dr Robyn Gregory said it was an opportunity to see what the

Liberal/National Coalition, Labor and the Greens had planned to respond to the call to

promote women’s health and wellbeing ahead of the Victorian election on November 27th.

“There are a number of concerns within the sector about areas of women’s health that need

improvement. We will be seeking commitments around the following areas:


Sexual and reproductive health


Access to termination of pregnancy


Work to prevent violence against women


Changes to funding arrangements for women’s health services, and


How the parties plan to tackle the gender pay gap that so disadvantages women.

“Victoria needs transparent, measurable outcomes for women’s health, safety and wellbeing,

this forum provides the opportunity for each party to present their platform and respond to

these concerns in turn” said Dr Gregory.

“A lot of progress has been made in Victoria in terms of recognising women’s health as

vitally important. It is crucial that services are diverse and also specific to women’s needs in

order to achieve optimum health.

“Government has a large role to play in ensuring that the health requirements of our

communities are adequately met.

“While a great deal of work has been done, it is important for Victorians to know exactly

where each party stands in terms of delivering women’s health when it comes time to vote,”

said Dr Gregory.

For further information contact:

WHAV Convenor Dr Robyn Gregory on 0438 527 523 or Media: Anaya Latter on 0432 121 636

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