Dolly Launches "get Home Safe" Campaign

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8th December 2009, 05:25pm - Views: 1781

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December/January issue

On sale 9 December

DOLLY’s Get Home Safe campaign

More young people die on the road than any other way in

Australia, with the death toll expected to soar over the

holiday period. DOLLY’s Get Home Safe campaign seeks to raise

awareness of road accidents. With the motto “if in doubt, get

out”, DOLLY urges readers be extra cautious of drink-driving,

speeding and wearing a seatbelt.

Made with love: DOLLY does DIY

This month, DOLLY delivers the smartest DIY special ever. From

interiors to fashion, it’s packed full of projects you’ll be

inspired to do; no Martha Stewart level of craftiness

required. Personalise your style with cute necklaces and

bracelets, beautify your room with clever (and quick)

decorating tricks and discover fun new ways to store your


“How we beat the body bullies”

Ricki-Lee Coulter joins three other inspiring young women who

share the story of how they rose above their body hang-ups.

Each girl, bullied for her looks, reveals the “a-ha!” moment

they kicked negativity to the curb and learned to love the

skin they’re in. Don’t miss Ricki-Lee’s moving tale of being

told to lose weight or fail by showbiz insiders.

The bromance bug

DOLLY takes a closer look at the social phenomenon that is

bromance. Defined by as, “the complicated

love and affection shared by two straight males”, dating guru

Katia Loisel-Furey delves deep into the male psyche to reveal

how to cope when a guy you care about is bitten by the

bromance bug.

Party fashion special 

Get into gear for the party season with heavenly fashion for

every occasion. The DOLLY style team share their top buys for

the holidays, with everything covered from the perfect

festival get-up to the hottest party dresses. 

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