Don't Be A Victim, Teens Warned!

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16th November 2009, 02:53pm - Views: 1634

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National Skin Cancer Action Week Nov 15-21                                                                 

Don’t be a victim, teens warned!    

Every year in Australia over 1,700 people die from skin cancer.   

This week is National Skin Cancer Action Week (Nov 15-21) and Cancer Council ACT

urges all Canberrans and especially our teens not to overdo it in the sun this summer. 

Recent data shows that 43% of teens still believe a suntan ‘looks healthy’ said the Cancer

Council and it seems that peer pressure is largely to blame with 71% of teens saying their

friends thought ‘a suntan was a good thing ¹


Still 1 in 4 teenagers are reported to get

sunburned on a typical summer weekend in Australia. 

This summer ALL Canberrans are reminded to adopt a combination of the 5 sun

protection measures when outdoors. 


Wear a hat that offers protection to your face, head, neck and ears, wear adequate

clothing that covers as much skin as possible, slide on a pair of close fitting wrap-around

sunglasses and always seek out shade when it is available. And finally don’t forget to

apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ water resistant sunscreen on those parts of the body not

already protected. 

Cancer Council ACT’s SunSmart Services Coordinator David Wild said “never rely on

just one form of sun protection and to always apply sunscreen in a combination with the

other sun protection measures”. 

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Cancer Council ACT continues to encourage Canberrans to get into the habit of checking

the daily SunSmart UV Alert before planning outdoor events and activities and to adopt

effective sun protection behaviour when UV levels reach 3 and above. 

Mr Wild also said that “the higher the UV levels the quicker your unprotected skin will

burn SO aim to minimise outdoors activities and events as much as possible between

11am and 3pm during this time of the year when UV levels are at their most intense

Cancer Council’s latest awareness campaign features an edgy 30 second television

commercial starring actress Nicola da Silver (from RUSH), as a crime scene detective

following the case on Bondi Beach. It is aimed

mainly at Australian teens, many of whom still

continue to desire a tan, despite the well publicised


Cancer Council continues to raise awareness of the

real dangers of skin cancer and hopes this new

campaign will help get the message to sink in that a

tan just isn’t worth the risk.


For more information on skin cancer prevention and awareness call the Cancer Council


Media contact David Wild 6257 9999



National Sun Survey 2006-2007. While some data from this survey has been previously

released, this is the first time these specific statistics have been released. 

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