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23rd December 2009, 08:54pm - Views: 1502

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23 December 2009



The RTA today congratulated SpeedBlitz Blues cricketer Phillip Hughes on his call up to

the Australian Cricket team.

An RTA spokesperson said Phillip Hughes would be a great ambassador for the Slow

Down Pledge on an international cricket stage.  

Phillip Hughes, along with Nathan Bracken and David Warner recently helped launch the

RTA’s new anti-speeding campaign – the Slow Down Pledge.  

The Slow Down Pledge is an online campaign aimed at young people between the ages of

17 and 25 to encourage them to take a stand against speeding by taking a pledge not to


“The RTA is honoured to have another Australian Cricketer involved with the Slow Down

Pledge campaign,” the spokesperson said. 

“Speeding is the highest contributing factor to fatality crashes in NSW, particularly among

young males aged between 17 and 25, 

“The Slow Down Pledge is a campaign that uses social networks like Facebook to educate

young people on the serious consequences of speeding. It encourages them to take the

pledge not to speed, or get in the car with someone who speeds.

“We hope that when people - particularly young people - see an international cricketer and

role model like Phillip Hughes support the Slow Down Pledge, they too will take a stand

against speeding and adopt safe driving behaviour.

“This year’s road toll is simply too high and the Slow Down Pledge campaign is another

tool we are using to get the message across that speeding is dangerous and causes


The RTA spokesperson said that in the lead up to Christmas, and with many schools now

on holidays, more people would be driving to visit family and friends. 


RTA Media Unit   8588 5999

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