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20th November 2009, 08:40pm - Views: 1503

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For Immediate Release: Friday 20th November 2009

St John Volunteers ready for Schoolies’!

While Scoolies participate in the end of year festivities down south this weekend, St John

Volunteers will play an integral role in providing First Aid Services to the large crowds.

With milder temperatures expected, St John Volunteers will ensure that

everyone enjoys the day & night activities with minimal concern. 

In addition to the first aid posts a large contingent of foot patrols

will be roaming the crowds, and Mobile First Aid Units will be at various

locations throughout the area. 

The contingents of St John Volunteers include Command Staff, Health Care

Professionals, (St John members who are Doctors, Nurses, or Paramedics),

Mobile First Aid Unit Staff and Safety Officers, along with additional

Volunteers staffing the Medical Centers and providing Patrols.

Typically dehydration and alcohol intoxication is more common among

casualties with participants going for long periods without sleep and not

enough water! 

‘St John members often deal with people who do NOT bring their own

medication with them and in these cases we will be there to assist.

Asthmatics in particularstates Russell Dippy, St John State


St John strongly recommends the following health and safety tips:

Pace yourself, avoid excessive alcohol, and drink plenty of water

Bring a hat, minimize sun exposure, and apply / re-apply sunscreen

Make sure you carry a charged mobile phone and important contact


If you have any chronic conditions or illness (ie epilepsy,

diabetes, asthma) be sure to carry information regarding your

condition and emergency contact number at all times

Bring personal medication, blood pressure tablets, asthma puffers


Dress for the occasion and weather and wear sensible shoes 

St John Volunteers will be on hand to help if you need First Aid

assistance. They are there to make sure you stay safe and have an

enjoyable day.

Media Information – opportunity for Photographs or Interviews – please

call the ‘on site’ contact: 

On site Contact 

Russell Dippy

State Superintendent

0417 802 792


Carol Raye 

Executive Manager Marketing & Communications 

0439 381 923

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