The Revolting Child.... A Blessing In Disguise!

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20th August 2009, 03:46pm - Views: 1072
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For further information contact Lillian Reekie

Mobile 0418 393298 or 07 3264 7973

How does the "worst child in a vice principal's teaching career"
go from an aggressive, out of control 'ADHD' victim to writing the forward for a parenting book?

When a child or teenager 'revolts*' many parents are lost, confused, frightened and frustrated. How do they help themselves AND their child? "The Revolting Child - A Blessing in Disguise" explores the world of tackling ADHD/ODD without drugs and takes readers on a journey inside a family facing challenges of this debilitating illness.

In the forward of "The Revolting Child - A Blessing in Disguise", Caleb who was once described by his vice principal as the "worst student of my teaching career" says, "If I could help one family have the transformations we have had, I'd be happy"

"The Revolting Child - A Blessing in Disguise" by renowned author and public speaker, Lillian Reekie explores

* The rollercoaster ride of life with an ADHD/ODD child
* The shock of the cold, indifferent, discourteous, aggressive, totally uncooperative teenager
* How without prescription medication this family restored balance and harmony
* The hope that all parents can hold onto as they come out of the dark tunnel of this condition

Lillian Reekie is a trained primary teacher, author of three books and seminar presenter - all dealing with education and helping families to have happy, healthy and harmonious homes WITHOUT medicating!

Through their journey they have discovered and implemented new and life changing lessons and they now have a loving, caring, enthusiastic and thoughtful 16 year old who is really going places.

Nicole Everett said,
"Last night I read Caleb's forward to your new book. I was moved by his words - they moved me more as a parent than any other parenting book I have read (and there are a few!)"

Lillian's brand new parenting book all about Caleb's journey is available through the family's website for only $30.

*Revolt means: 'to treat someone with coldness, indifference and discourtesy', to 'adamantly resist authority', 'to oppose or refuse to accept something', 'an act of protest or rejection'

To Schedule an interview with Lillian - or to learn more;
Please call Lillian Reekie on 07 32647973 or mobile 0418393298 or Email: [email protected]

Feel free to keep these details handy for future reference in relation to children's behavioural issues.

SOURCE: Lillian Reekie

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