Two Young Indigenous Australians & Hayley Warner Set To Make History In Antarctica

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15th February 2010, 05:34pm - Views: 1798

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Famous Polar Explorer Robert Swan, Best selling Australian author, Thomas Keneally

OA will announce Australia’s representative for the World Youth Summit in Antarctica 

expedition at a press conference on Tuesday 16th February at 12.00pm at The Maritime

Museum, Darling Harbour.

Three talented young Australians including the first two indigenous will be announced on

Tuesday morning the 16th February as the Australian representative to join polar explorer

and environmentalist Robert Swan OBE on the World Youth Expedition departing on the 3rd

March 2010.

As Earth Hour approaches (March 27th), and families and individuals are encourage to take

simple steps to reduce their environmental footprint at home, these young adventurers will

discover how to survive on renewable energy in the highest, driest and coldest continent on


Young Performer and Earth Hour ambassador (and 2009 Idol runner-up) Hayley Warner will

be joined the first young Indigenous Australians to visit Antarctica, track star and AFL

Indigenous Programs Co-ordinator Narelle Long (niece of Michael Long) and Malcolm

Lynch, a member of the AFL Flying Boomerang Squad.

The focus of the expedition will be the opening of the first environmental school in Antarctica

called E-Base (on King George Island), a series of environmental experiments in conjunction

with the University of Western Sydney, and a series of live crosses back to school children in

Australia in the lead-up to Earth Hour on the 27th March, 2010.

Much loved and best-selling author Thomas Keneally, will present the young Australians with

a series of books to place in perpetuate at the E-Base school for future expeditions.

Following the press conference, a photo shoot will be held on the Endeavour, a ship of

exploration and human achievement, and part of Australian history which Narelle and

Malcolm are about to become.

“E-Base. The Coolest School on the Planet” officially opens 

Two years ago polar explorer and environmental campaigner Robert Swan OBE made

history by living in Antarctica for more than two weeks surviving only on renewable energy.

His revolutionary E-Base located at the Bellingshausen Russian Base on King George Island

took six years to build but not before Swan and his 2041 foundation team removed 1500

tons of waste from the Antarctic shoreline. The E-Base educational facility serves as an

inspirational classroom for students and teachers around the world encouraging them to

tackle the issues of climate change and renewable energies.

Swan’s message is clear: If the seemingly impossible can be achieved at this remote and

hostile outpost, surely we can take similar steps back home.

In 2008 E-Base went live. Using the latest in satellite, internet and digital media

technologies, Swan and his team, shared their message on renewable energy with an

international audience.

Live text and video conference links with schools and other educational organisations

allowed Swan to showcase alternative energy sources from a place where the temperature

can drop to as low as - 80 degrees celsius.

The E-Base is now powered by renewables 365 days a year and will serve as an

educational base for Haley Warner, Narelle Long and Malcolm Lynch as they explore

Antarctica and learn more about the practical application of sustainable energy resources in

the most difficult conditions imaginable.


Narelle Long

Malcolm Lynch

Hayley Warner

Professor Robert Swan OBE

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