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Equal Pay Day: Women Short Changed At June 30 1 starstarstarstarstar   26th August 2008 - Views: 1469 Equal Pay Day: Women Short Changed At June 30 1 To match the average wage a man earns in 12 months or the financial year working full time ordinary hours, a woman has to work an extra 54 days, or a total of 14 months to earn the same.

Donating $5 Of Every Boots Sold To Saving My Mother-in-law! starstarstarstarstar   20th July 2008 - Views: 1069 Donating $5 Of Every Boots Sold To Saving My Mother-in-law! Co-founder Matthew Tallent's mother, Dr Kathy M Tallent MD, endures the crippling effects of Parkinson’s disease every day.

Black Cohosh V Hrt Safety: The Awful Truth starstarstarstarstar   18th July 2008 - Views: 1487 MENOPAUSAL women may have been left wondering what to do, after papers published in medical journals exposed the dangers of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), then a wave of adverse publicity cast doubt on a natural alternative, black cohosh, which has been accused of causing liver damage. The published science shows that even if every claim made against black cohosh was justified, it would still be much safer than HRT and just as effective in relieving the hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety that accompany menopause 17 .

The New Generation Of Mumpreneurs starstarstarstarstar   15th July 2008 - Views: 1115 The New Generation Of Mumpreneurs Nowadays, motherhood, far from converting a woman’s brain inexorably into pumpkin pure and leaving her incapable of discussing anything beyond nappy contents, seems to have the reverse effect. In fact, it is the spur she needs to dump her unfulfilling office job and set up her own business.

Sex Lives Of Australian Women starstarstarstarstar   30th June 2008 - Views: 19209 Sex Lives Of Australian Women “This book is a call for a new age of sexual enlightenment...when women don't compare their bodies or their sexual performance to porn stars...when sex education at home and in schools isn't just about disease and contraception but about pleasure and respect...when the media celebrates healthy sexuality as much as it does violence...when men do as much housework as women when they're both working full-time (so she has the interest in and energy for sex!).

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