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Dolly Launches "get Home Safe" Campaign starstarstarstarstar   8th December 2009 - Views: 1869 More young people die on the road than any other way in Australia, with the death toll expected to soar over the holiday period. DOLLY’s Get Home Safe campaign seeks to raise awareness of road accidents.

Teenagers' Lives Limited By Adult Constraints starstarstarstarstar   2nd December 2009 - Views: 1038 Teenagers' Lives Limited By Adult Constraints The ‘Mobility, Mothers and Malls’ report investigates how home, community, school, teenage work and adult work all affect opportunity for teenagers in the suburbs.

Sutherland Shire Council Joins Drinkwise To Launch Parents Guide starstarstarstarstar   30th November 2009 - Views: 1292 As part of the Sutherland Shire Council's ongoing campaign against anti-social behaviour. To raise awareness and support the community in making better choices regarding alcohol consumption.

Would You Help A Mate? starstarstarstarstar   25th November 2009 - Views: 1394 Would You Help A Mate? A new school-based program which encourages teenagers to help their peers seek help for cannabis-related problems is set to be rolled out nationally after successful trials in a Melbourne secondary school.

St John At Schoolies starstarstarstarstar   20th November 2009 - Views: 1561 St John At Schoolies The contingents of St John Volunteers include Command Staff, Health Care Professionals, (St John members who are Doctors, Nurses, or Paramedics), Mobile First Aid Unit Staff and Safety Officers, along with additional Volunteers staffing the Medical Centers and providing Patrols.

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